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This is the trailer for the new Assassin’s Creed II‘s DLC called Battle of Forli. I really loved the game so I can’t wait for this downloadable content.

Have you played Assassin’s Creed II? Did you like it? Are you looking forward to the DLC?

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Last Friday I went with my best friend to Old San Juan (A place I love). One of my other best friends, someone I’ve been friends with since I was about six years old, is going to Spain for six months in a few days, we met up with him at a bar and had so much fun. He’s like my brother, so I’m going to miss him so much while he’s away.

Here’s a picture we took at Hard Rock Cafe before we met up with our friend.

Has a good friend of yours moved to another country or state? Do you still talk with him/her?

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I was surprised to find a new car for me on the driveway yesterday! My old one was giving me a bunch of problems, and it’s understandable because the car is almost 20 years old so I was expecting that it would be dying soon. My parents and I were talking about that and they said they would try to buy me one, but I wasn’t really expecting it because my dad was trying to make it look like he wasn’t going to be able to buy it. He definitely fooled me, I was out with my best friend, and to find that when I got home was such a wonderful surprise. I’m really grateful that my parents did this for me (my grandparents too, they will help out with the payments), they don’t know how happy this makes me! Now I don’t have to be nervous when driving thinking that the car is going to break down.

The car is a Hyundai Brio (in the US they know it as the Accent), sedan model. I really love it, it is comfortable, the A/C is heaven ( I didn’t have A/C on my old car) and the radio is pretty cool. I also like that it is an ultra-low emission vehicle.

What kind of car do you drive?

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