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One of the hardest things I’ve ever have to do happened this Monday. I had to take three of my dogs (I have five) to the animal shelter. I didn’t want to do it, but things have been very tight lately (money wise) and it was very hard to support them. I keep getting flashbacks of taking them to the shelter and saying goodbye to them. They definitely took a piece of my heart with them, I felt incomplete when I left.

Anybody who truly knows me, knows that I adore animals. These dogs were like my kids, so it was very hard to say goodbye. As soon as I left the dogs there I ran to the car, locked the doors and screamed and cried, it was very unsettling.

I know good people will adopt them. They are young and healthy dogs, they were vaccinated so I know they have a great chance of being adopted. I can’t stop thinking about them though, and I know I will never forget them. This really makes me consider if I want to have a dog when I have my own place. When they get sick, die or have to give them away, the suffering is just too much.

Pets are family and they are part of your heart.

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  1. JC says:   EpicJC

    Pets are absolutely family and are just as important as any other member, nothing less. You know I also loved those dogs. It was very painful to know that I won’t be able to visit them anymore, but I know they’ll find loving homes. They are beautiful dogs and they deserve nothing but the best. Princess, Piglet and Rocky will all be missed every day at your home, my princess.
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  3. Sarah says:   sarieah

    Aw I’ve just stumbled across your blog, and just had to comment on this post.

    I cannot even begin to imagine how hard that must’ve been for you. Pets definitely are part of the family, as you said. I have two cats and they’re just like my kids, and so can complete relate how that must’ve felt. I can only say how much I admire you for making that decision though, and being brave enough to go through with it. As you said, they will get adopted, and live a good life.

  4. Panduh says:   pandaramic

    Aw, I’m so sorry. I know it must have been a painful thing for you to do. I would not be able to handle doing such thing, if I had to.

    Hopefully, your dogs will be in good hands and will be adopted by wonderful people.<3
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  5. aww *hugs* I can only imagine having to give up not one but 3 little furry companions. I have experienced similar with what happened to duke, since he wound up at the shelter ..and then shadow got fur-kidnapped.

    the furry ones are def. just as well members of the family as the human ones.

  6. Ashley says:   neoncinema

    Aww, I’m so sorry girl. Pets are definitely just like family, in my opinion. You love them and care for them and become attached to them just like any other member of your family.


  7. Angel says:   TQBnet

    I’m not sure if you’re aware of not, but all dogs in shelters are typically vaccinated because then they run into issues with disease running rampant.

    Sorry to hear that you had to give them up. We have 3 dogs ourselves and I’d pretty much starve before I could say goodbye. I definitely understand how hard this decision was. :(
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