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I have a bit of a problem with shopping. I have plenty of clothes and shoes in my closet that I haven’t even worn, actually. There’s a ton of stuff in there still in the box or with tags on, and I’m trying my best to “shop my closet.” I’m not allowed to buy any new clothes or shoes until I have worn everything in my closet at least one time. The fact that I even have to do that kind of illustrates that I have a problem, actually, so I just made a snap decision not to buy any new clothes or shoes for the next six months. I have really been on a saving money kick recently and this is obviously a great way to further that. I discovered one day that I can save a ton of money by choosing new energy providers and saving on my energy costs, which is what kind of started this whole thing. Ever since then I’ve been searching for other ways to save. The best part of the energy savings is that I literally had to make no alterations to my daily routine. Let’s be honest—not shopping is a big enough change for one year. Check out Green Mountain Energy to see how you can save too.

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This is a very cool cave that I found yesterday. It’s very rare to see obsidian exposed like that so I was surprised. Can you spot the three creepers?

Minecraft: Cool Find

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