4 Ways to Dress Up Your Website

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When a person decides to start a website, they do so to show off their hobbies or interests. One of the fun parts of having your own website is being able to design it however you want, but some people want their personal website to look like it was designed by a professional. Even if you are not a professional website designer, there are still little tricks you can use to make your website look great.

Get Unique Backgrounds

The problem with website building templates is that the backgrounds they come with a pretty generic. You can choose a solid color, a pattern or an image as your background. But no matter what you choose, the chances are good that someone else’s website has that background also. You should look for a scenic photographer for hire to take pictures that you can use for your own unique backgrounds. With a professional taking your pictures, you will definitely get images you can use.

Create Custom Buttons

Navigation and email buttons on websites are pretty standard, and website templates usually use the same button images for every site. You can break that trend by creating your own custom buttons that will make your website stand out. You can create your own images, or you can take pictures of things around your house (such as a pile of mail) and use them as your own unique website buttons.

Fun Page Names

Some of the more memorable personal websites use page names that are unique and easy to remember. For example, you may want to call your home page your headquarters to give it a little personality. By using unique names for your pages, you will have a navigation bar that will definitely set your website apart from the rest.

Make A Logo

While this is your own personal website, that does not mean that you cannot create your own logo. What kind of image would you use to represent yourself? Create your own logo and use it throughout your website to enhance your design.

All it takes is a little creativity to make your personal website look unique and project your personality. You can use the same tricks the professional web designers use to give your website a way to stand out from the crowd. No matter what you use your website for, a little customization will help you to bring in more traffic and make your site fun.

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