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by Nicole J. Tirado on September 21, 2013 | Filed Under: | 0 comments

GTA V - Michael (Snapmatic)

Here’s a “selfie” from Michael (one of three playable characters) on Grand Theft Auto V. I find it completely ridiculous and amazing that I can take front facing pictures with the in-game phone (the Snapmatic app specifically).

I’ll post more about the game soon. It’s really, really awesome.

by Nicole J. Tirado on September 6, 2013 | Filed Under: , | 1 comment

Two days ago, a 14 minute gameplay demo was posted to the Watch Dogs Facebook page. I’ve been excited about this game ever since it was shown in E3 2012. I pre-ordered this game, along with the PS4.

I love everything I’ve seen about the game so far. It’s open-world, you can manipulate and hack pretty much anything around the city and there are lots to do without doing story missions. The gameplay video was really interesting because everything that happened was regular gameplay, no missions. I can’t even begin to imagine all the possibilities within the game, I’m very excited. November 15th can’t come soon enough.

by Nicole J. Tirado on August 17, 2013 | Filed Under: | 0 comments

On Thursday, the trailer for Grand Theft Auto Online was released. Grand Theft Auto V will be released on September 17th and GTA Online will be accessible to those who buy GTA V. You won’t be able to play it right away though. From what I read on the website, it will be available on October 1st.

The Grand Theft Auto games have always been a guilty pleasure of mine, I love them. GTA Vice City is my favorite so far, who doesn’t love the 80′s and Miami? When I heard that there was another GTA coming out I was really excited. I definitely enjoy sandbox games and that was something that really drew me to Grand Theft Auto IV. Sometimes, I would just drive around the whole map and find some secrets instead of playing the story missions.

Compared to the previous game, the online concept has been redesigned to give you endless possibilities within the world. On the previous game, you were limited to choosing a game mode (Deathmatch, Team Deathmatch, Turf War). There was a Free Mode though, where you could roam around with your friends with no rules. Now, you will be able to do missions, buy properties and vehicles and be able to choose the way you want to play. I think this is absolutely wonderful, especially when this seems to be the biggest map of all the GTA games. Exploring (which is one of my favorite parts within a game) will be so much fun.

I’m really excited for this game and I can’t wait to play it and have access to Online. I pre-ordered my copy for the PS3 and I will definitely write a review of the game and Online once I play it.

You can watch the trailer video here: