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Battle in Tyria

Guild Wars 2

Lately, when I have some free time to spend it on the computer, I’ve been playing Guild Wars 2. I bought the game when it came out but only played it once or twice. I had only leveled my character up to level 25 at most. I worked on getting to level 80 (which I did) and now I’m working on doing map and activities completion whenever I have some time to spare.

It really is such a fun game, and it’s one of the prettiest MMOs I have ever played. The vistas feature provide such an amazing addition to map exploration and the cut-scenes they feature when they focus on a specific landscape, it’s just beautiful.

My main character (the one I leveled to level 80) is a Human Elementalist and I’ve had a blast playing with that character. The great thing about this game is that, compared to other MMOs, it was more options of things you can do that add a replay value to the game (I’m obsessed with jumping puzzles!). Right now, I’m trying to get 100% map completion and I’m at 80%, so I still have some work to do. While I do map completion, I’m taking advantage of special events that happen around the region that I’m trying to complete so I can win some goodies and money for the character.

This game definitely became my favorite MMO, I like it even more than World of Warcraft (and I was obsessed with WoW back when I played).

Have you played Guild Wars 2? Do you like it?


Geekiness / Videos

February 2014 Loot Crate Unboxing

I received the February Loot Crate on Tuesday and took advantage of my fiancé’s home studio to record it (like last month’s video), he recently bought better lighting so I’m extremely happy about how the video quality turned out.

Before filming the unboxing, all I knew about the crate was that this month’s theme was ‘Warriors’ and we were going to get a t-shirt. I was pretty excited when opening the contents of the box, most of the brands or subjects were unknown to me which makes it more fun to have stuff you didn’t know about.

Making these videos have also been helpful with me getting over my shyness in front of the camera. I need to learn to keep talking and have more interaction but I’m learning as I go. Hopefully next month’s video will be better.

I am definitely looking forward for next month’s box and from what I read on Twitter, we’re supposed to get a t-shirt with the March crate as well, so that’s a plus!