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Domesticating our future home

For the past few weeks, Juan and I have been devoted to finishing wedding and apartment details. Time flies so we need to get everything in order now because if we don’t, December will come creeping up on us and we’ll be way behind.

We have been buying things we need for the apartment. We got our fridge delivered this past Friday and we have been getting things for our kitchen. We both love to cook, Juan especially. He also loves to bake so it has been a priority to have a well-equipped kitchen.

As you will see in the image above, we’ve bought things for baking and cooking. From the things we have purchased, I think our kitchen is ready. We have essentials like towels and bed comforters. We just need to get a bed with a mattress, an A/C unit and I think we’re done.

It’s definitely exciting to get things for a place you can call your own, especially one that you will share with your special someone. Once the apartment is ready, I will definitely share some pictures!


Recap: These past few weeks

I disappeared from the online world for a few weeks. It has been extremely stressful, hectic and it’s just getting to become more real that a lot of changes ARE happening and will be happening for the next few months.

There are less than three months for my wedding and like a lot of people say, the last few months are crucial. We need to get everything in order with the decorations, venue, etc. before the wedding. But most importantly, we need to finish up our apartment as soon as possible. A few of my family members who are flying in are staying at my parents’ house the week before the wedding so I’ll probably stay at the apartment. Hopefully we can get everything done and purchased in time.

Lately, I have:

  • Started designing the wedding invites. I decided to tackle them myself. I’ve been designing them on Adobe Illustrator but I’m still not 100% happy with them. Hopefully they will be done by mid-October so we can send them out.
  • After finishing reading ‘Divergent’ (review will be up soon) from my to read list, I begun reading ‘Insurgent’. I haven’t had a lot of time to finish reading it but I’m halfway done, it’s great so far.
  • Photographed another wrestling show.
  • Finished paying off my wedding dress, just need to order the veil and sash and I’m done with the wedding outfit details.
  • Juan and I will start a business project soon that really has me excited, we are figuring out all the details during the next few months.
  • Have been taking some time for myself. Usually, I always do things for others but not for myself. I decided to be a little selfish every now and then, and spend time with the person I know the most, myself.
  • Tried food I always avoided and ended up loving it.

That’s just a little summary of what I’ve been up to lately. I’m sure there’s more to add on that list but I honestly don’t remember right now. I’m working on a few posts to have published during these next few weeks so I don’t abandon this place.

What have you been up to lately?