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by Nicole J. Tirado on October 21, 2012 | Filed Under: , | 5 comments

After two days of stressing out about the profile image system implementation, I finally got it working. I was missing a piece of code that I thought I had written there and that’s why it wasn’t working, I didn’t notice it at first. When programming, it’s usually the tiniest/stupidest errors that are the most frustrating.

Thesis: Image Upload

This is a preview of how it’s working, I’m displaying the images uploaded for now while I test everything out. The image upload script makes two versions of the image. I set a maximum size for the file and create two proportional new sizes, a “big” one which is used for the user profile and sidebar avatar and a “small” one that will be used for status updates, comments, etc. Both image paths are saved to the database.

I also implemented the user profile system, if the user is logged in, you can see your own profile on “profile.php“, or by going to “profile.php?user=Your Username“, which you can also use to see other people’s profiles (even when you’re not logged in). I’m still thinking about rewriting the Apache server rules for that site so I can have something like “ here“.

My first revision is this Friday and I think I have more than required for the appointment with the professor, let’s see how that goes.

by Nicole J. Tirado on February 20, 2012 | Filed Under: , , , | 2 comments

I took a little “online” break this past week, and it was good to spend these past few days relaxing like the good old days, not letting technology spoil the fun. I though, why not make a bullet list with a few things I’ve done this past week? Lists are always fun and they are useful to get your point across in simple and short way.

  • I’ve begun designing the layout for my portfolio.
  • On Valentine’s Day, I went to support my boyfriend at a Mental Health event, he was one of the speakers. After the presentation, we had a nice meal at a nearby restaurant.
  • Began working on a new theme for this blog.
  • Applied for a scholarship that will (if accepted) fund a Business and Mobile Development course. The people who were accepted will be notified tomorrow, so I’m hoping I’m one of them!
  • I think I’ve finally kicked the Soda addiction, yay!
  • Have been playing Minecraft and Skyrim.

What have you been doing these past few days?

by Nicole J. Tirado on December 3, 2011 | Filed Under: , | 7 comments is one of my latest projects. The website is for a mental health non-profit foundation based in Puerto Rico, the foundation aims to help people with mental conditions, their relatives and people who want to know more about mental health. The foundation also made a short film about OCD, based on a true story. I was part of the production team of the short as well, and it was a great experience. Our resources were very limited, we used our own money and a few donations so we could have food on our filming breaks. The cast and production team members did the work as pro bono. I’m so proud of the outcome and I can’t wait to be a part of all the future short films the foundation will make.

This website was a blast to work on, I used HTML5 for the markup and a lot of CSS3 elements. I took advantage of all the cool stuff one can do using the functions file with WordPress and made a few php functions for general stuff that eventually made my life easier when designing and coding the theme. This was my first time using a jQuery slider and I think it gives a special touch to the site. The site is in Spanish, it took some getting used to when I was publishing the content because I’m so used to writing everything in English because my blogs have always been in English. Ironic, since my first language is Spanish.

I’m very proud of the website and I’m really happy that the feedback has been great. If you can, please visit the site and like the FB Page, it would be greatly appreciated. If you have any comments, questions or suggestions about the design or coding, you can also leave a comment here!