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In a world that has become more paperless than people in the previous decade could ever have imagined, it is tough to admit the world still revolves around documents. In a business world, electronic storage and scanning capabilities have certainly cut down on the amount of paper an office uses, but it has not eliminated paper altogether. The need for authentic signatures on legal documents requires a printed page. Sometimes, electronic signatures are not viewed as solid, legally binding evidence of consent.

The paper that does get printed should be done on quality machines. The Competitive Edge focuses on giving this quality to businesses. It is an authorized Xerox partner and packages Xerox products to meet client needs. The company has access to the full line of Xerox products and can connect its clients to Xerox service technicians.

Many offices have a need for multifunction document systems. They need to invest in one or two machines for faxing, copying, storage and scanning. This is both an economic and a space-saving decision. There is a constant need across businesses to maximize every dollar and reduce clutter in office space. Competitive Edge strategies assist them with finding the right machine and offers troubleshooting, installation and upgrading, when the time is right. Multifunction machines have been noted for reducing employee down time.

No matter which document management and duplication system works best for your office, you should choose not take your decision lightly. You need something that will handle your volume well and keep your office running efficiently. Xerox has something that works for every business.


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