Day 3: Pet Peeves

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What are some of your pet peeves? How do you handle them if someone is doing them?

I have so many pet peeves, especially driving related ones, that if I begin listing them I wouldn’t stop. So, I’m only writing five.

  • Unpunctuality: If you tell me to meet you at 7pm, you better bet that I will be there at 6:45, even earlier in some cases. If you’re late, when you were the one who made the plans, you lose some of my respect.
  • Drivers: The ones that text while driving, the ones who don’t use the turn signal lights when changing lanes, the ones who go too slow, the ones that don’t let you change lanes. I hate them all. If you’re sitting next to me while I’m driving and I see people doing stuff like I previously mentioned, I will probably swear and get really angry. People need to pay attention to the road and calm down.
  • Bad Grammar: It definitely annoys me when I see someone writing poorly, especially when they’ve graduated high school. I’m no grammar expert, and I’m sure I make my typos every now and then but people should make more of an effort when writing, stop being lazy.
  • People that hang up on me: If you don’t even have the courtesy and time to say goodbye before hanging up the phone, then I really lose more faith in humanity.
  • People who talk loudly: This bothers me the most when I’m taking public transportation (bus or train) and there’s usually someone talking on the phone. They talk so loudly that I get to know all their business when I don’t really want to. There are other people around you, respect that.
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