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< ?php /*I began making sites when I was 10 or 11 years old. I created them on Geocities and they were made with a page builder. All I had on those websites were adopted blinkies, glitters and girly banners. I really began webdesigning on November/2002, I had a personal website called Precious Angel where I had information about me and an updated blog. Then I had a sims site, where I had skins, cheat codes, etc. That time was when I began to learn how to use Paint Shop Pro. I even worked at another sim site with Lisa, but it didn’t do too good.

After a while I got bored with my sims site and I closed it because I lost interest and didn’t play The Sims much. That was when I began visiting personal domains, and I really liked them so I wanted one of my own. That’s when I began looking for cheap hosting plans and found one that was in my budget and I gave the money to my dad and he bought the domain and hosting.

Glam-Girl.Org was bought on January 25th 2003 and it was up on January 28th 2003. My host was Urban ISP, and they were pretty good. On summer of 2004 the server had a DOS attack which made the server to be down for 3 weeks. Apparently, the attack was pretty big because their site was down too. Since they didn’t do anything about it I decided to transfer to another hosting company.

I transferred to the people of Netrillium, they were a really good host and I only had downtimes a few times.

I am now hosted by Surpass Hosting, and they’re an amazing hosting company, they have excellent support and their plans are great. I really recommend them.

After some time, I considered buying a new domain, something more personal. I decided to buy nicolejeanette.me on September, 2010. This is where I am now… let’s see where this leads me to.

IBSN: Internet Blog Serial Number 00-22-1221-89

*/ ?>