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Growing up, all I used to watch were american movies and TV shows. Shows about teens or high school used to be all about homecoming, they considered it to be one of the most important nights for them. This was something new for me because here in Puerto Rico we don’t have homecoming dances, we usually only have ‘prom’ that comes after middle school or high school graduation. It always stayed with me though, how much I wanted to experience a homecoming dance and be able to wear a cute dress for it.

I don’t wear a lot of dresses, but I do love looking at them and wearing them for special occasions. I’m not one to really follow fashion trends or the popular color schemes, I just pick something that I like. Nowadays, there are tons of homecoming dresses to choose from, which makes the whole dress selection process more fun.

Regency Princess Square Dress Red Princess Satin Dress

The dresses above are exactly what I would look for if I were to buy a homecoming dress. I absolutely love the colors and styles. I prefer the style to be more subtle and comfortable, and I don’t like really short dresses so the length on those dresses are perfect. One thing I really look forward to is to lose more weight so I feel more comfortable wearing dresses, and hopefully wear them more often.

If you find yourself needing a beautiful dress for any occasion, I suggest you browse around DressFirst. They have everything from wedding dresses, cocktails dresses and those wonderful dresses from the pictures above. I also think the prices are pretty affordable for higher end looking dresses. I will definitely keep them in mind if I ever need a dress.


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    Aug 05, 2013


    Our school's homecoming dance was actually a casual one because we had this Monte Carlo event called The Black Tie Affair, which was a "casino" type theme & we all dressed up. But, since your schools don't have homecoming & you just have a prom (it's essentially the same thing, they're just formal dances), you should have your own, with your friends! You know, you could throw it at your place or someone's house (if they're willing & they have a spacious home) for fun. Doesn't have to be homecoming, it could just be a dinner party event with a formal theme! Those should be fun. Best of luck on your weight loss goal! It's hard, but absolutely worth it when you feel comfortable in your own body & rock clothes you never thought you could before. Also, I like the color of the red dress!

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      Aug 06, 2013


      Sounds like a fun plan! I don't think any of my friends would be willing to do it but I will definitely try. Maybe a formal gathering for Christmas? And thank you! I've had problems with my weight since I was a teenager so I just want to make a permanent change to my life. Not just weight loss, because when you're motivated and exercise, it usually helps in every aspect of your life, and that's what I want :)

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