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Posted by on January 20, 2012 • Filed Under Geekiness

After many months with the Bionix NextGen v1 rom on my Samsung Vibrant, I wanted to try something new. I’ve always browsed around the Xda-Developers forum to check out all the new Vibrant roms. There are quite a few but most of them have a couple of bugs that are deal breakers for me, so I avoid flashing them to my phone until those issues are resolved. I found a ROM that didn’t have any current bugs and looked very stable.

I flashed the MIUI Prime 360 version 3.1 rom, and I really like it. They incorporated features and the UI of Ice Cream Sandwich, which is more organized than previous Android version releases. I still have to play with it but it’s been very stable and the GPS actually works with this rom. The only thing I’m concerned about is the battery life, which I’ve found to be significantly less than the previous rom. I calibrated the battery and I’m going to wait a few charging cycles to see if there are any changes, if not, I’ll have to find a similar rom with better battery life or go back to the previous rom until I replace this phone with a new one, but that won’t be for a few months.


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    Jan 20, 2012


    The ROM looks great and if the battery life lasts long enough I definitely want to switch to it. I'm mainly interested in finally getting a working GPS on the Vibrant!

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    Sharon W. Dowd

    Jan 30, 2012


    This sounds interesting but do you know any apps like this for windows tablets? I'm currently using this kind of tablet now.

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