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Posted by on February 10, 2012 • Filed Under Lifestyle

I promised to post some pictures of my room as soon as I had everything settled. The room is not done 100% but I was able to take pictures of most of it. Forgot to take pictures of the TV area, but that’ll be for another time. I love this room, such a difference in free space, I can actually walk around my room now!

You’ll notice that I painted my walls a Heaven Blue and Sand color, I absolutely love the colors. I had similar ones in my old room but these are a little lighter. You’ll also see a bunch of Egyptian stuff, if you’ve known me for a while then you know that I’m obsessed with Egyptian stuff. I definitely want to buy more things to decorate my room but I haven’t been able to find new Egyptian-themed stuff here. I’ll need to order it online, I did find a wall decal that was love at first sight. I hope I can get it as soon as possible.

Here are the pictures, sorry if the quality isn’t so great, I took them with my phone.

Do you have any particular theme in your room? Do you have any pictures of your room?


  1. Jenny

    I love the color theme of your room! I wanted to paint my room a different color (it’s sand and beige right now), but it seemed like too much trouble. The Egyptian theme you have is really cool, I don’t think I’ve ever met anyone with a room that theme before :D My room has a Parisian theme, but I feel like that’s very common for girls, lol.

  2. K

    I love your room! It’s so clean and organized. The Egyptian theme is a nice touch too.

    I don’t have photos of my room, maybe I’ll take some to post later, but I do have a photo of one of the closets:

  3. Tisha

    I like your bed and the ambiance of your room looks awesome and clean..thanks for sharing this to us..

  4. Aldreda

    I love the way you arrange your beautiful room.. It’s really nice to take at rest with an elegant room.

  5. Yasmine

    Hi Nicole, I like the set up of your room. And I was amazed with your monitor, kinda big. Thanks for a little tour of your hub.

  6. YnnaRada

    I like the way you arrange your room. It’s organized,spacious and well ventilated. And i love the color of your room it is very clean. Thanks for sharing your beautiful room with us.

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