Same Thing, Different Day

Posted by on May 20, 2009 • Filed Under General, Movies

With finals and my last day’s of the semester going on, I haven’t been really motivated to blog or make updates. But, right now I’m taking a little break from studying and decided to make one quick update. Like the blog title says, everything has been basically the same. I’ve been pretty busy with school and all the assignments and tests I need to do. I thought I was going to be done with finals tomorrow. But, apparently, one professor decided to give a final at the last minute, it’s next week so at least I have some time to study for that. After that, I’ll be done for the semester, which I’m really excited and happy about because this was a very stressful semester, I’m glad it’s over.

I’ve been going out to the movies quite a bit lately, I recently saw Star Trek, I won a contest through Twitter and won two tickets to the movie premiere here in Puerto Rico. I went with my boyfriend, the movie was absolutely wonderful, probably the best I’ve seen this year. And you don’t have to be familiar with the Star Trek series to enjoy it, it’s really good. I also saw Angels & Demons, it was a really interesting movie. I liked it better than Da Vinci Code.

I will leave this blog post short because I need to keep studying but I’ll update more often once I finish finals.

What movies have you seen lately? Have you seen Star Trek and/or Angels & Demons

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    Jul 06, 2009


    I've seen both Star Trek and Angels & Demons . Both great movies well worth seeing : )

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