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Weekend at Cabo Rojo

This past weekend, I went with my girlfriends (and bridesmaids) to Cabo Rojo for a mini-vacation. It was, in their own words, a preview for my¬†bachelorette celebration. We left on Thursday. I was scared about the trip because they had announced a lot of rain during that weekend, so I was hoping that our trip wouldn’t get ruined.

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Weekend Getaway

In about two hours I’ll be leaving to stay at Isla Verde (major tourist spot in PR) with my boyfriend and his mom. I have never stayed in a hotel in Isla Verde, so I’m excited! There’s so much to do there: shopping, restaurants, exercising, a beautiful beach, etc.

Isla Verde

See how beautiful? I’ll try to take a few pictures via Instagram or Twitter because I forgot my digital camera. I hope everybody has a wonderful weekend.