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Help me make content for YOU! What do you want to learn?

After months of planning, I will be developing video series (accompanied by written content) about technology and programming. As you’ve seen on my blog, I’ve written a few development tutorials under the Programming category.

They can be beneficial for those that are starting out with development, or those that just would like to learn how to add something to their website. Well, my intention is to take that idea to the next level. Have a visual representation in the form of a video, along with written content explaining the process.

I need you!

This is where YOU come in. I want to create content that’s relevant to you, things that you would like to learn.

It can be things about development, such as WordPress, PHP, jQuery, CSS, and others. It can also be about blogging and tech, for example: How to set up Gmail on a custom domain, the difference between self-hosted WordPress and, and more.

I currently have some topics in the works, but it would be fantastic if I can get your input and know what would you like to see or learn about.

Let me know in the comments below! Thank you :)


A trip on the Wayback Machine

If you’ve been a blogger for a long time, there must be a time when you’ve wanted to take a trip down memory lane and be able to see how you your blogged looked or how you wrote back then. The Wayback Machine is perfect for this. You can insert an url and access any captures throughout the years. Most of the times, you’ll be able to see the most of the website, but it’s more likely to see broken images here and there, especially if it’s content from years ago.

I was wondering the other day about my first blog: and entered the URL on the Wayback Machine to see all the different layouts I had and such. I remember I used to follow “design” trends like crazy back then. The blends, over-use of brushes, celebrity images/psds, they were all the rage back then.

I was able to find this image from 2005, this was one of my favorite layouts I had made back then.

Back In Time -

Looking at it now, I’m amazed at how much things have changed, and I’m so glad it has. Things are more simple now. Back then, I changed my layout every week and it was definitely exhausting. Now it’s more about the writing, you don’t need to have “goodies” for visitors (brushes, textures, etc.) and you don’t need to apply for affiliates/siblings. I’m glad things have evolved in the blogging world to what they are now.

Have you ever searched for any of your old sites on the Wayback Machine? I’d love to see some of your captures if you’re willing to share!