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Sickness Stricken

For the past week or so, I have been really sick with the flu that turned into a force of nature keeping me bed stricken. I had never been this sick, and I still don’t feel 100%, so hopefully I will feel better soon.

Before being hit with this unexpected sickness, I was able to find a temporary job doing some web design and development work on a website for a new Fiber provider (think Google Fiber) here in Puerto Rico. That kept me entertained for two weeks. I also have another client that I need to develop a website for. I’ve definitely been busy lately, and I’m glad my freelance business is taking off. Now, all that’s left is to finally put my portfolio online (almost done, just need to work out a few details).

Hopefully I’ll feel back to normal soon and get back to everything I’ve put a stop to these past few weeks.

Hope everybody has been having a good summer so far!

Geekiness / Website

Time to Reboot

I’ve been involved in online communities and activities since 2003. I was part of the fanlistings craze, and up until a week ago I was the owner of 30+ fanlistings. I also managed an online trading card game for the past year, and it was a lot of fun. But, my free time was consumed by those activities and I didn’t spend time doing what I should be doing: practicing, developing and designing. I want to gain as much experience as I can while I’m still a student, and start doing more freelance work.

I have a few projects, a few for school and freelance work, that I’ll be working on for the next few months which will take most of my time. I also want to blog more regularly and try to publish the new theme that I have been working on for weeks because I procrastinate too much.

This is my attempt to breathe and reboot, I had to leave stuff I loved, but my future comes first. Gaining experience is always important especially when being close to completing my Bachelors degree. So, you will probably see more stuff about programming added here soon.