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Domesticating our future home

For the past few weeks, Juan and I have been devoted to finishing wedding and apartment details. Time flies so we need to get everything in order now because if we don’t, December will come creeping up on us and we’ll be way behind.

We have been buying things we need for the apartment. We got our fridge delivered this past Friday and we have been getting things for our kitchen. We both love to cook, Juan especially. He also loves to bake so it has been a priority to have a well-equipped kitchen.

As you will see in the image above, we’ve bought things for baking and cooking. From the things we have purchased, I think our kitchen is ready. We have essentials like towels and bed comforters. We just need to get a bed with a mattress, an A/C unit and I think we’re done.

It’s definitely exciting to get things for a place you can call your own, especially one that you will share with your special someone. Once the apartment is ready, I will definitely share some pictures!