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The Visual Generation


Since I was little, I used to be more receptive to learning if I was approached in a more visual way. Nowadays, we are living in a world that’s primarily visual in every aspect of life, especially with the entertainment and technology industry. I’d say 85% of the things we do or learn are in a visual environment or easily accessible in a visual way.

A perfect example of this is social media users. Every picture, video or block of texts can be seen by virtually anyone who has access to your profile. Who doesn’t love to look at a beautiful picture or interesting video? It’s amazing how much we can learn from them, compared to reading the information on a book. I think we’re more receptive when it’s something that we can process by looking and/or hearing it immediately.

I didn’t know the percentage of visual learners was so high, but it confirms what I’ve always said: We’re living in the visual generation. It is incredible how it all happens. I remember I learned to speak English at a young age just by watching American channels on the TV. Just by watching and hearing the conversations, I began to understand different situations and how I could apply conversations into everyday life. It helped tremendously when I entered school and that’s when I noticed that it was easier (and faster) to learn things if I was able to see them and hear them.

Glad to know I’m not the only one.