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Things are looking up

Recently, I got my test results for the first Pre-Calculus II exam this semester. This is the third time I’m taking the class and I was definitely nervous it was going to be the same story again of me failing an exam. I was surprised to find out that I actually did pretty well and if I keep it up I can pass the class. You can’t even understand the level of happiness I felt at that moment. I genuinely feel that I can go forward, get the math classes out of the way and finally graduate.

It definitely helped that I’m taking the class at night. The professor is the one that creates the tests and he’s very nice. All the other times I took the class, you would have to take a general test with 500 other students in the same place. My anxiety would get terrible and I would forget everything.

This is another accomplishment that makes me feel great. I have been trying so much academically and it’s finally paying off. If everything goes as planned, I can graduate within the next year.

Have you ever had a struggle with a class in school? How were you able to overcome it?


Math, math, math…

That’s all I’ve been seeing and reading today. I have a Statistics test tomorrow and a Pre-Calculus II test on Friday. To say that I’m overwhelmed and stressed is an understatement. If you’ve been reading my blog for a while, you know that I don’t like math. I get very anxious whenever I take a math test and I think that’s why I usually don’t do too well. I get very, very nervous and it makes me forget a lot of things. The thing is, it’s only with math related courses, I do well in everything else. Maybe I developed a math phobia? I don’t know.

The Statistics test seems pretty simple and I hope I do pretty well. With Pre-Calculus, it’s another story, I’ve been studying and I find the material to be understandable when I’m at home. I really hope I do well on Friday. I want to be done with these math classes so I can take Calculus and take the two Computer Science courses I have left so I can graduate.

Wish me luck!