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Dog ‘Punishment’

Wordless Wednesday: Punished

Just to give you some context behind the picture: I wasn’t home that day, I was browsing Facebook and suddenly see this picture that my father posted. I found it adorable and called him right away to know the reason behind the picture. Turns out my dogs were misbehaving a little bit and my dad sent them to their dog house in our backyard. My dogs really respect my father, so they always follow his orders. He said the way they were all lined up like that was funny and he had to take a picture. I’ve enjoyed this picture way too much.


Almost lost him

On Saturday afternoon, my youngest dog Scooby, almost died. It was an awful and scary situation and I hope I don’t ever have to go through it again. I went to the backyard to get them inside since it was raining a lot, and then I saw Scooby. He was laying down, barely breathing and looked lifeless. You can’t even imagine what went through my mind at that moment. I started screaming and crying, I thought my baby was gone. We wrapped him up in a blanket and tried to get him to a vet. The one closest to our house was closed so we had to go to another one about 15 minutes away.

He wasn’t looking good. I was so scared that I was going to lose him because he wasn’t reacting at all, it was like he was in shock. At that time, money was no object, I wanted to do whatever it took to make him be okay. We had to leave him there, but after countless hours of me crying and praying for him to be okay, we were able to take him home the next day. He was very, very weak but I was so happy to have him with me. He was going to be okay. The vet couldn’t really say 100% sure what happened, but he’s guessing is a blood parasite caused by tick, which made his calcium go down, and his platelets are way below the average (he’s at 40K, when the average is 200K).

We are giving him antibiotics and trying to make him eat, and he’s looking a lot better. He’s starting to act like his old self again and that makes me so happy. I wasn’t able to sleep since Saturday, but now that I see that he’s getting better, I can finally start calming down.

We have taken the necessary precautions to avoid having this happening again. My dogs never had ticks or fleas, but I think my house got them from the dogs that used to be next door. We had an exterminator come and do a treatment, here’s to hoping that kills everything that might hurt my dogs.

My poor, poor baby.