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I’m Engaged

Engagement Ring

I got the biggest surprise on Christmas day, my boyfriend proposed. We had talked about getting married several times so I knew it would come eventually, but I didn’t expect it to be when it happened. It was perfect, and I will remember that moment forever. I will gladly share the story with all of you, but also I’m writing it all down so I don’t forget any details.

The plan on Christmas day was to have my parents, grandparents and boyfriend’s family (mother and brother), enjoy some food, music and then play Bingo. Around 3pm, my dad asked me to go pick up something at my grandmother’s house, my boyfriend went with me and he was acting a little nervous but I didn’t think anything of it. Getting me out of the house was the plan so they could decorate the dining room, this turned out to be an engagement plus an engagement party (cake, cider, all that good stuff). When we got back, everyone was sitting in a circle but I thought they were watching TV and we were going to play Bingo right there. I didn’t notice the dining room, I was looking at my mom who was signaling me to the table and then I looked at it. A heart-shaped cake with a fake diamond ring on top, drinks and decorations. My father started taking pictures and that’s when I said: “Oh my god”. I realized what was going on. In that precise moment, Juan took my hand and said the most beautiful words anyone could ask for, and then that magic moment, he went down on one knee and proposed. Now I realize what people always say about not knowing how that moment feels until you experience it. It was such a wonderful feeling. When I said yes, Juan and I hugged for what seemed to be an eternity, it was perfect.


I must admit, I couldn’t believe what had happened for a long while. I was in a state of shock, I didn’t even look at the ring (which is absolutely beautiful). After an hour or so, everything felt more real, and I realized: this is happening, I’m going to get married. We still don’t have a date or anything, but as soon as I do, I will definitely share all the planning and details with you.

Engagement Ring

I couldn’t have asked for a better proposal. My family was there (parents, grandparents, godparents, mother-in-law, brother-in-law) and they were part of that special moment. Seeing them cry and applaud for us was one of the best experiences of my life, especially knowing that we have their support.