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Books I want to read

I’ve always loved reading, and I dislike that I haven’t been able to do it as much as I would like. Reading takes me to a place where I can imagine that I’m in that world with the characters, experiencing what they’re experiencing and it truly is one of the best ways for me to reduce anxiety. Give me a good book, and I can read for hours without any complaint.

My goal is to read at least five books a year. It is a realistic goal that I know I can achieve each year. That’s why I keep the minimum as low as possible, that way I can surpass it. I’ve been keeping a list of books I want to read for a long time. I want to share them here, that way I can keep track and also be able to review them once I’m finished reading them.

Books I Want to Read

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Another Semester

Another university semester begins tomorrow. Last semester, three of my four courses were concentration classes and it was very stressful juggling three project-heavy courses at once. This time, three of my courses are relatively easy so I really hope I have more free time this semester. I want to code during my free time and practice my programming skills, and it was very hard to do so these past few months.

Besides programming, I want to take on more hobbies, maybe start reading more and blogging more often. I know that I’ve gotten better at blogging compared to how I blogged a few years ago, but I would love to do it almost every day. Maybe I should stop worrying so much about writing long posts and treat this blog like a Tumblr blog. If a picture inspires me, I’ll post it. If a quote makes me smile, I’ll post it. I think I’ll do that from now on.

For those of you in school/college, did you start your semester already? How’s it going?