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Geekiness Instagram Viewer Alternative

Instagram is one of the services I use every day. I don’t post pictures every day, but I do browse it several times a day. Even though I like the Instagram website, I don’t really like to use it to browse and see the pictures from the people I’m following.

Statigram: Instagram Viewer Alternative

About a year ago or so, I started looking for an Instagram Viewer alternative, and that’s when I found This website was opened on May 5, 2011 by Jérôme Boudot. He wanted to know more about his activity on Instagram, with his team, they were able to develop this website.

What can you do with Statigram?

  • Use it as an Instagram web viewer, where you can see all the pictures from the people you’re following in different ways (Grid, List, Slideshow) and you’re able to tag people to create and view specific lists.
  • Promote your Instagram account across other social networks using the feed tabs, photo widgets and other features.
  • Manage your community and comments on the same platform.
  • Activity Analytics via statistics (Some of them are: Instagramers I like the most, my most liked photos, etc).
  • Setup photo contests.

It’s a great tool for those who are active on Instagram and it’s what I’ve been using for a long time.

Do you use the native Instagram app/website or do you use an alternative? If so, which one?


Pinterest Traveling

Recently, Pinterest added a new feature: Interactive Boards. These are meant to be used for travel related boards. If you enable this feature, you will see a world map where you can tag places from your pins using the Foursquare API. I spent some time doing this on Wednesday and it was very fun. You can add a place on the map by mentioning the specific place (For example: Colosseum in Rome) or you can search by city.

Pinterest Travel Interactive Board

The picture above is a screenshot of my travel board. There are some pins that I still need to add on the map, while there are some that are related to travel but don’t talk about a place/city in particular. I will be adding more pins soon so I can keep testing the “pins” on the map. When you click on one, it shows you a tooltip with useful information about the place, like telephone numbers and address.

This is definitely a nice feature and I’m sure a lot of people will take advantage of it, especially when you can see those places presented on a World Map. Travel websites or magazines must be ecstatic about this new feature.

I’m planning on making a new board of places I’ve visited and add my own pictures. It will be nice to see how more “pins” get added to the map as I travel more.