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Thesis: Image Upload and Storage

After two days of stressing out about the profile image system implementation, I finally got it working. I was missing a piece of code that I thought I had written there and that’s why it wasn’t working, I didn’t notice it at first. When programming, it’s usually the tiniest/stupidest errors that are the most frustrating.

Thesis: Image Upload

This is a preview of how it’s working, I’m displaying the images uploaded for now while I test everything out. The image upload script makes two versions of the image. I set a maximum size for the file and create two proportional new sizes, a “big” one which is used for the user profile and sidebar avatar and a “small” one that will be used for status updates, comments, etc. Both image paths are saved to the database.

I also implemented the user profile system, if the user is logged in, you can see your own profile on “profile.php“, or by going to “profile.php?user=Your Username“, which you can also use to see other people’s profiles (even when you’re not logged in). I’m still thinking about rewriting the Apache server rules for that site so I can have something like “ here“.

My first revision is this Friday and I think I have more than required for the appointment with the professor, let’s see how that goes.


Variables and echoes

That’s what I’ve been dealing with for the past few weeks, variables and echoes (in PHP). I received a sponsorship to take an advanced course called Mobile Application Small Business Program, it’s from 9 to 5 every Saturday until November. The first half of the class is the programming aspect, we’re developing an API (written in PHP) and connecting it to a database, that way we can use it for our mobile application. The other half of the class is talking about the business aspect. Particularly, Lean Startups. The course has been an awesome experience so far and I’ve met a lot of great people that are IT students, or work in the IT field. I’ve also gotten a ton of ideas that I want to fulfill at some point.

Hello, World!

Another thing I’ve been working on is my thesis project, which is a gaming ‘social network’ written in PHP (supported by some jQuery, Javascript and AJAX aspects) and using MySQL databases. I already have the member registration and login working (still need to make the password protection better though). I’m testing everything locally for now until I start beta testing on my server. My next step is to implement the ability to add a profile picture.

Maybe I should post my process here, that way I can keep a track of what I’m doing.

I would like to get your input about this project. What features do you look for/would like to see on a gaming social network?