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What I’m thankful for

I Am Thankful

This time of year is a time to be thankful for the people who are in your life, the opportunities you receive and other things you consider important. Tomorrow is Thanksgiving Day, a day to be appreciative and spend it with family (for those who celebrate it, of course).

I made a list last year of things that had happened during the year that made me feel appreciative. I decided to continue the tradition and share the things I’m thankful for this year.

  • Family: I’ve always been a family-oriented person and I appreciate all the sacrifices they’ve had to make to achieve and get better things for me and my sister. Things aren’t always easy, but I know that I can always count on them.
  • My dogs: Without my three furry friends, I don’t know what I would do. They make me smile every day and instantly cheer me up whenever I have a bad day.
  • My fiancé: My very-soon-to-be husband (in less than a month) is the most important person in my life and I am so thankful that I got to meet such an amazing person. I can’t imagine sharing my life with someone else and I’m so glad that I will embark on a new journey with him as husband and wife.
  • Self-Improvement: This year’s focus has been to reinvent myself and find new methods to deal with my anxiety. I choose not to let anxiety rule my life and make it unbearable. I’ve found new and have re-discovered some hobbies that definitely help me stay calm and focused. By setting a goal of becoming a better version of myself every day, it becomes a challenge I welcome with enthusiasm. It’s not only about my mental health, it’s everything. Mind, body and soul.
  • Future Endeavors: There are several exciting things planned for 2015 and it’s my mission for them to be successful.

I am going to take the time and enjoy Thanksgiving with my family and forget about all the commercial overload stores are manipulating us with, like Black Friday deals and such. Where people stop spending time with family just so they can camp out at their favorite store hours and hours before and get deal.

Hope everybody has a great day tomorrow! What are your plans?



Be Thankful

Thanksgiving is a holiday that is all about appreciation, being thankful of the things you have and the people that are a part of your life. It’s also a great time to spend with family. A benefit about this is getting to eat a more extravagant meal compared to an ordinary day, which is always a plus.

Holidays can become too commercialized. But I’ve always done my appreciation in regards to the holiday. This is what I’m thankful for this year:

  • Family: I am thankful that my family has always been there. Even though there may be disagreements, they are there for me. I am thankful that my grandparents (father’s side) are still alive and well. Those two are my life, and without them, I don’t know what I would do.
  • My dogs: Chispy, Fender and Scooby. They are my children, my everything. They make me smile, they light up my life. And I will always appreciate their loyalty to me.
  • My boyfriend: We’ve been together for almost four years. He is such a good person and I’ve always admired him for his dedication into helping others. He’s always been there for me. I really can’t thank him enough for all he’s done.
  • Education: Even though it has taken me more time than planned to obtain a bachelor’s degree, I’m thankful that I’m able to get an education I can afford, and something that will help me in the future. There have been many obstacles, but I know I will be able to achieve my goal and graduate, no matter what.
  • Opportunities: There are some awesome opportunities that may happen during 2014. If they do happen, I will have a steady income and I will do what I love for a while. Here’s to hoping it becomes in a long-term opportunity.
  • Therapy: I made the decision to start getting professional help about my anxiety disorders this year. Therapy has helped me tremendously and has made me grow a lot as a person. Even though dealing with a mental illness (or illnesses) is a long-term struggle, I’m now able to control it much better.

Happy Thanksgiving! Hope it was a good one (for those who celebrate it, of course).

Photo by Cindi Albright