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Reno, NV

After traveling for three weeks, I must say that I am exhausted. It was a wonderful trip and I would do it all over again, but it’s definitely tiring. The time difference, plus the multiple flights are probably the worst part about traveling. I stayed in Reno for eight days, and while I enjoyed it, Reno is not my kind of place, especially because of the weather. Here in Puerto Rico it’s humid every day of the year. In Reno, humidity is non existent. My lips were like a crocodile’s skin and I got nose bleeds every day. There’s not a lot to do in Reno but it’s nice to visit for a few days. One thing I loved is how easy it is to drive there, traffic is light and it’s very hard to get lost. Another great thing is that you will find shopping centers everywhere, usually within a two miles from each other.

I was there primarily for the Elks USA Convention, which was very nice. I became a member some time ago and it’s a good way to do more community service. I am the Youth Activities Committee Chairman so the exhibits were very helpful, I was able to take information home with me that I can use as inspiration for future activities. One thing I noticed is that I was probably the youngest member (there were young people but they had the guest name tag instead of member. I felt out of place at times but sometimes that’s part of the fun. Next year the convention will be held in New Orleans, which is a city I really want to visit, let’s see if I’m able to make it next year.

Another place we visited was the Nevada capital, Carson City. It was pretty but I found it to be very boring. Not a lot to see for the common tourist.

I stayed at the Peppermill Resort which was really nice, the only thing I hated was the cigarette smoke at the casino, it was way too much and you have to walk through the casino to get to places so it was annoying. Overall, if you like casinos, driving around and dry weather, then you will probably like Reno.

Here are a few pictures, I will upload the rest to my Flickr account.

I’m still settling in at home but I wanted to make a post about the first part of the trip, I will make another post for the Atlanta part of the trip. Hopefully I’ll be able to publish it within the next two days. There is so much going on with my life right now that I want to write about a hundred posts. I’ll get there.


I’m Back!

I got back from FL on Sunday but I’ve spent the next few days getting some rest. I got a really bad sinus infection when I was there so I was sleeping off what I had left. The trip was amazing, and such an eye opener in so many ways, I had gone to FL but this time I got to really enjoy it.

Just want to make a brief post with a couple of Instagram pictures of the trip, need to transfer the ones I took with my camera so I can make a proper post about the trip.

Universal Johnny and I at D&B

1. Universal: City Walk was fun! I saw ‘The Amazing Spider-Man’ at their cinema.
2. Juan and I at Dave & Buster’s. I fell in love with that place.

Miami/Date County Hungarian Dobos Cake
3. Miami/Date County near Hallandale Beach.
4. Hungarian Dobos Cake from Kiss’s European Bakery at Hallandale Beach – It was absolutely delicious.

Downtown Miami The Dark Knight Rises
5. Downtown Miami – I visited a Mental Health Clubhouse, it was a great experience.
6. We saw ‘The Dark Knight Rises’, such an amazing movie. It was my favorite from the trilogy, the ending was perfect.