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Isla Verde Weekend

The weekend getaway was great and just what I needed. We got to relax, spend time at the beach, and act like tourists. We stayed at the Intercontinental Hotel in Isla Verde. It was a nice hotel with great amenities and I thought the location was perfect. A lot of restaurants were walking distance from the hotel so we explored a little bit.

Isla Verde

The views from the hotel were amazing, and the weather during the weekend was perfect: not too hot, clear skies, no rain. I woke up every day at 6:30am and just looking at the beautiful sky through the window, it made my day.

Isla Verde - Juan and Nicole

Juan and I walked on the beach and found some beach chairs to use. We watched the sunset, enjoyed each other’s company and were hit with a dose of cuteness overload when we saw a young man walking with his dog. The dog was so happy to be running around the beach, it was one of those things that keeps a smile on your face. On Saturday, we spent about two hours at the beach and were entertained by a very drunk man named July. We were seated near a jewelry stand on the beach and the guy was scaring people who were browsing the jewelry stand, so the shop lady (who apparently knew July), told him to leave because he was drunk. He started crying, it was a sad but hilarious thing to see because he was almost screaming. That was definitely the highlight of our trip.

As you can see, I changed the blog theme, I really like the simplicity of it. There’s still a couple of things I need to add but at least it’s up. If you see any errors or anything out of place, please let me know!


Weekend Getaway

In about two hours I’ll be leaving to stay at Isla Verde (major tourist spot in PR) with my boyfriend and his mom. I have never stayed in a hotel in Isla Verde, so I’m excited! There’s so much to do there: shopping, restaurants, exercising, a beautiful beach, etc.

Isla Verde

See how beautiful? I’ll try to take a few pictures via Instagram or Twitter because I forgot my digital camera. I hope everybody has a wonderful weekend.