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Day 23: Lovesick

If you’re currently in a relationship how long have you been dating/married/etc? How did you meet? If you’re not what is your ideal relationship like and what do you look for in a s/o?

I’ve been in a relationship with Johnny for one year and four months. We met through Twitter. We both had won a Twitter contest, the prize was tickets for the Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen premiere. I was browsing the list of winners and checked out his profile. I decided to follow him because he seemed like a very cool guy and he was also from Puerto Rico. We began our friendship from there, we played video games together, talked through Skype/ooVoo every day, we became best friends in a short time.

Our relationship is anything but ordinary. The way we met was so unexpected, I never thought I would meet my significant other online, but I did, and I’m very grateful. We have our own thing going on, and I love it. He’s what I always pictured my ideal partner to be: kind, funny, a gamer, helpful, loving, smart and someone I can always be myself with.

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Twitter Is Taking Over

Twitter has become really popular for the past few months, and I have to admit, I haven’t been blogging lately, but I’ve definitely been using Twitter quite a bit. It’s addictive and a great way to keep in touch in small updates, I’ve also made some great friends on Twitter, and I have met most of them. We have what we call “Tweetups” every now and then and we all get together and talk about geeky things, etc.

A lot of celebrities have been signing up for Twitter, so it’s getting more recognition and it wouldn’t surprise me if by the end of the year the website is more successful than Facebook or other online media outlets.

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