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Let’s be mindful of our natural resources


Puerto Rico has been under the radar lately, for many reasons. Most news have been about our enormous┬ádebt, which is alarming and leaves us in a state of limbo. But one thing that I find more alarming is our issue with water. Since May of this year, some of Puerto Rico’s cities have been declared in a state of drought, which has expanded to most of PR now. We’re in a critical state in most cities now and our water supply is decreasing very quickly. My city entered a water rationing regulation last month. Basically, we have water 24 hours, and then we don’t have water for 24 hours. For example: on Monday we have water from 9 am and then on Tuesday the water supply gets cut off at 9 am, and so on and so forth.

It’s an extremely frustrating thing to be going through. I blame the government’s poor planning and infrastructure. Along with people who take our natural resources for granted, thinking they’re unlimited.

I’ve been mindful of conserving resources, although I do take them for granted sometimes, but this situation has made me appreciate the privilege of us having water so much more. Not just that, but it also makes me feel guilty that we do abuse our consumption most of the time. I just hope that people can be aware of this, conserve and protect water. It may seem like it’s endless, but it’s not. And usually, you won’t realize it until you find yourself in a situation where you don’t have it accessible or having it at all.

Can you imagine leaving a polluted, dirty, low natural resource planet to future generations? It’s already happening. I would hate for my children, grandchildren and future generations to not be able to enjoy a beautiful planet with fresh air, clean surroundings and just… nature. I want them to experience that, and protect it.