Your Lucky Day (Short Film)

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I have always been a fan of the filmography world. It’s exciting, dynamic and full of surprises. Also, having a boyfriend that has a projected career path in film helps me be better informed about that world. It’s definitely something to research and read about, there’s always something new or very interesting techniques you didn’t know about. One day Juan suggested I should watch a short film he had watched recently and loved, called Your Lucky Day. This was a 16 minute short film directed by Dan Brown and it was shown at the SIFF (Seattle International Film Festival). The principal cast of this short film: Rider Strong (You’ve seen him in “Cabin Fever” and “Boy Meets World”), Phil Davidson, Lynn Shelton, Sean Nelson, Tony Doupe and Pisay Pao. The plot of this film:

A megaball drawing sends a convenience store spiraling out of control.

I watched that, and loved it instantly. The filmography was very well done, it has the quality of a full-featured film. The time frame used for this film was perfect, you never look at the clock and say “This is too long” or “This is too short”. The 16 minutes were used flawlessly. The theme used has been done several times, but it felt unique. The way things transitioned made the experience completely different. The actors did a great job portraying those characters, I will definitely look forward to Dan Brown’s future work.

Did you watch “Your Lucky Day”? Did you like it?


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    Sep 26, 2010


    Blogged about the short film, that's awesome! It's indeed a great example of how you can portray a full-featured film in just 16 minutes. I want us to look at more short films every once in a while so we expose ourselves to more independent content!

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    Sep 27, 2010


    Wow, I never knew that Dan Brown could direct. That's something new. I didn't wait it yet because I'm at work but I'm gonna send myself an email on this post so that I can watch it at night.

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    Mary Consejos

    Oct 18, 2010


    Great Film! I really enjoyed it, and the performances are very cool too. Thanks for sharing!

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