2013: Year in Review 2013: Year in Review

2013: A Year in Review

For years I’ve seen these kind of posts all around the blogosphere and I thought I should start doing it as well. It’s a great way to remember important events and details you might oversee during the year. So here it is, my 2013: Year in Review.


  • Won tickets to go to the “Gangster Squad” premiere. I usually never win anything so it was fun to go.


  • My boyfriend and I went to an elementary school and talked about mental health awareness and the dangers of bullying. It was a great experience, and it was the first time I talked to a large crowd (outside from support groups) about mental health.
  • Helped my boyfriend with a wrestling short film he wrote and was filming. The short film ended up getting recognition by several local wrestling companies here in Puerto Rico, it was actually the first short film about wrestling done in Puerto Rico.


  • Had a great date with Juan in OSJ, we hadn’t been out in a while and it was fun.
  • Got hooked with the TV show “Lost Girl“, it has become one of my favorite TV series.
  • March 21 was animal abuse awareness day here in Puerto Rico and I wore purple and also donated to support the cause.


  • It was my three year anniversary with Juan.
  • Watched Wrestlemania XXIX with Juan and some good friends at their house who are also big wrestling fans. It was the first time I watched Wrestlemania with people, I usually watched using an online stream.
  • Started seeing a psychologist consistently so I could deal with my mental illness.
  • Decided to share publicly what I had been going through. It was liberating.


  • Rescued a dog.
  • Finished another stressful semester.


  • Got a DSLR: Canon 60D. I’m excited to keep learning about photography and videos.
  • Juan got his Digital Film Production bachelor’s degree. I am extremely proud of him.


  • Traveled to Reno, NV and Atlanta, GA for three weeks.
  • Attended the 2013 IOCDF OCD Convention. It was an awesome experience and learned a lot.



  • My boyfriend celebrated his 24th birthday.


  • Juan and I were featured on a local newspaper article regarding mental health.
  • My sister turned 14 years old, time flies.
  • Our (Juan and I) mental health non-profit did an OCD Awareness workshop.
  • Shared what recovery means for me. I’ve realized that sharing my experiences and struggles with others also helps me.
  • Went to a walk supporting mental health awareness that was organized by one of the local organizations we collaborate with.


  • Celebrated my 24th birthday.
  • Attended ‘Innovators Showcase’, presented by the Social Media Club of Puerto Rico.
  • Got my seasonal sickness.
  • Shared what I’m thankful for this year.


  • Almost lost my youngest dog, Scooby.
  • Got engaged. It was a perfect proposal, I’m extremely happy about this.

So that was most of my year in a nutshell. This year was a learning experience and the struggles I went through made me recover emotionally and physically. Curious to see what 2014 brings.

Happy New Year everyone, be safe!

  1. Love this idea, might do one as well for my blog :). Glad you had a good year, even from the not so-great moments we always learn from them.

  2. Wow, I actually love this idea! I think that I might end up using it for 2014 and posting it in 2015. For the things that you don’t have blog posts to, how did you remember them? Did you write them down in a notebook or something, or were those the only things that stuck out in your memory?

    1. Some of them I had posted on social networks so I tracked the archives, others were from what I could remember. It would definitely help writing down every memorable moment so it’s easier to write about it if you’re planning on doing this :)

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