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2013 Puerto Rico BloggerCon


This past Saturday, I attended the 2013 Puerto Rico BloggerCon. This is its fifth year, and it was my first time attending. I wanted to go last year but I wasn’t able to because I had another activity the day it was scheduled. I was really looking forward to it because it’s good to know about current trends and tools used locally.

Puerto Rico BloggerCon: Entrepreneurs

This year’s theme was “The New Entrepreneurs”. The first panel included famous bloggers from Puerto Rico that have been successful in a specific “niche” giving their input and advice for people developing startups or a plan for your blog or business. A startup doesn’t have to be related to technology, although the majority of successful startups have been related to the technology field. As long as you have an idea, try to develop and create a plan to promote and establish it. You never know if someone might be interested in buying your idea.

Puerto Rico BloggerCon: HootSuite

Félix Maldifassi from HootSuite talked about the platform and how it has affected social media in general. HootSuite has grown exponentially in the last couple of years. I had used HootSuite before, but when all the new features were talked about at the conference, I was curious to try it again and found the app to be so much better in functionality and design. I connected my accounts and have been using that app as my main social media app since that day and I really like it so far.

Puerto Rico BloggerCon - Alex Diaz

Alex Diaz, a popular YouTube vlogger from Puerto Rico, talked about videos and social media. Videos, specifically video bloggers, are becoming more popular each day and receive a great amount of traffic. This is a great way to market yourself and showcase your ideas in a more creative way. It gave me a few ideas for video posts/blogs I could do. I’ve been wanting to do them for a long time and this gave me more motivation to do them. Now that I have more resources to make that happen (better camera, etc), it will be much easier.

Puerto Rico BloggerCon - Juan & Nicole

I had a great time at the conference and found techniques I can apply to my blog, and even my web design portfolio (which I’m on the process of finishing). I will definitely go to next year’s conference and I hope more people become interested in the world of blogging and social media. I always said that people needed to become more interested in technology here in Puerto Rico, and I’m glad it’s finally happening.

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  1. I really want to go to a BlogCon….but every time there’s one remotely close to me I either end up not having the time or money to go. It sucks…one of these days.

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