2024 so far

The first quarter of 2024 has been both thrilling and uncertain. It has been a challenge to navigate and I’ve been trying to make the best out this situation.

I had promised myself I would be more consistent in blogging, but life had other plans. This little corner of the internet is something I treasure very much so I will always try to keep it running and active. I can’t promise a specific consistency but I’ll try my best to have more updates here.

Walking every weekend

My husband and I have been making the commitment of walking a few miles every weekend. This has given us the opportunity to disconnect, enjoy nature and also build stamina. We challenge ourselves to improve our average pace each time. Walking has truly offered me a new perspective in a few things, and it’s something that I needed in the midst of uncertainty in different parts of my life.

Living in the moment

While this may sound like a given, this is very difficult for me. My mind craves structure and planning, which goes against the concept of living in the moment. I’ve had to expose myself to situations where things are not planned, where there’s not a scheduled defined so I can step out of my ‘over analytical and structured’ personality and enjoy life more.

This is crucial, especially after my operation, I’m now able to do more physical activities without pain or struggles, so it has been a process. But I’m really appreciating this journey of finding myself again after such a significant change.

Creating memories with yourself and loved ones will always be my most important priority. Material things and money, while great, are not my driving force in life.

As we prepare to go on a cruise within the next two weeks, I’m determined to make amazing memories there, even in the midst of uncertainty in parts of my life. I’m also hopeful that I will gain clarity and answers that will guide some of my next steps of my life.

Question time: How has the first quarter of 2024 been for you?

  1. Both walking and living in the moment sound like admirable goals! I wish you luck with them! I love walking outdoors and try to do it myself as much as possible, especially during the warmer months. The first quarter of 2024 has been lovely and eventful for me. My brother’s wife had a new baby, I got married, and I’ve made some great memories. I hope the year continues to go wonderfully for both of us!

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