52 Week Money Challenge 52 Week Money Challenge

52 Week Money Challenge

I discovered the 52 Week Money Challenge halfway through last year and decided to wait until 2014 to start doing it. I think it’s a great challenge and you save a considerable amount of money in one year. There are some people that do variations or like to do this challenge in reverse.

52 Week Money Challenge

I want to save as much as I can each week. For example, this first week of 2014, I’ve saved up $45 to use towards this challenge. There will be some weeks where I’ll save less or more, depending on my bills, wedding planning and such.

I even created another e-account with my bank to start depositing everything I’m saving on that account and act as if that money doesn’t exist. That will definitely help me have some money saved up on the side. I don’t plan on using this money unless absolutely necessary (emergency).

This challenge has really motivated me to save more money, although I’m not a person that spends much, my income is limited. That’s another challenge I’m taking on this year, launching my web development/design business and find more ways to get a more stable income.

If you’re planning on saving some money this year, I definitely suggest you take on the 52 Week Money challenge. $1, 378 in one year (or more, if you decide to save more each week) is great.


  1. This sounds like a worthwhile challenge! I’m not sure if I can follow through simply because I work as a part-time instructor whose income depends entirely on the number of students I have. Now, assuming they don’t leave, this is a doable challenge. Thanks for sharing! :)

    1. No problem! The great thing about this challenge is that you can modify it to your needs. If you can’t save up as much, then try to save half each week, it still adds up :)

  2. I’ve never seen this challenge before. $1378 saved in a year on a limited budget is pretty good. If you’re serious about starting up your own development business, let me know, I am always looking for a good outsource when things get too overwhelming for me.

    1. Yeah, when I discovered this challenge I really liked the idea. And definitely, will let you know. I’m still working on the page but I’m hoping to launch sometime this month.

  3. This challenge looks pretty amazing and the fact is that each week, it doesn’t feel like you’ve put in a lot, but overall it really does add up.
    I shall give it a go…when I get a proper job and things. :(

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