Nicole & Wilmer Nicole & Wilmer

A Good Deed

If you know me, you’d know that I really love animals, especially dogs. Two days ago, I was able to do a good deed and rescue a dog. I was visiting my grandmother, and when I was driving back home I saw the cutest dog walking around and he looked so lost and nervous. There was a thunderstorm that had happened earlier, and you know how some dogs get really nervous when they hear thunder. I guessed he got so nervous that he escaped his house, because he had a collar. I called him and he came to me without hesitation and started petting him. I read the collar’s chip and the dog’s name was Wilmer and it had three phone numbers.

Nicole & Wilmer

It may not be the best picture of me, but I just had to take a picture with him!

I immediately called the first phone number and reached the dog’s owner, who was working at the time and had no idea that his dog was running loose. He lives a couple of blocks from mine so he recognized where I lived. He told me he would call his cousin so he could pick the dog up. I waited for about two hours but really enjoyed spending time with that dog, he was extremely sweet and wanted to keep him all to myself. It felt good being able to help return it to its owner because if he kept running loose he could have gotten hurt. It’s things like this that make you feel so much better, being able to help. So glad Wilmer is back with his family, where he belongs.

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