2015 Best Nine

A look back at 2015

2015 was a very interesting year. It was a year of a lot of growth and meeting great friends. I wanted to do a general summary of what happened during 2015 and how that made me grow as a person.



  • Was enjoying the first few weeks of being married.
  • I planned to do a recap of my honeymoon dividing it by day. I only made one post, so I absolutely failed.


  • I didn’t post anything on the blog this month. But basically February was a month of buying things we needed for our apartment, those little things you buy to make your place better. And also things we needed for the kitchen.


  • I posted a video about a Nutella Ferrero Rocher Cake we made for our sister a few months earlier. This is when I got back into editing videos using a more sophisticated editing software. Years back, I used to edit videos with Movie Maker. Now I’m using Adobe Premiere Pro. It is such a difference.
  • I wrote a post about pro-wrestling, inspired by a video made by Max Landis. I had been working with a local wrestling company so I was able to share my experience from the things I’ve seen and talked about with wrestlers firsthand.


  • I decided to make some changes on this blog and decided to separate some topics. As a freelance web developer and designer, I often wrote about these topics. But since opening my portfolio and business I made the decision to stop posting about web development related topics and posting them there. This was more of a concern of keeping things more organized. I decided to do the same for gaming related posts, since I was working on a project that its focus was going to be on just that.


  • This was a very hard time for time, physically and mentally. I dealt with these different issues head-on and buried myself in work, which helped.
  • I noticed that I hadn’t posted any wedding pictures on the blog, so I made a quick post sharing some of my favorite pictures.


  • Juan and I had a weekend getaway in Aguadilla, PR. We visited a restaurant we loved, TBC. I decided to start a blog series showcasing our favorite restaurants that are local and not affiliated to any franchise.
  • Juan and I became involved with Extra Life Puerto Rico. This was the beginning of many great things related to gaming.


  • There was a very concerning drought problem in Puerto Rico. And we were affected by having to settle to a water rationing regulation. We spent about five months under this regulation and we finally started having rain more often, which ended our drought.


  • I begun streaming every Thursday on the Extra Life Puerto Rico twitch channel. My segment was called Shuffle Thursdays.


  • I shared a list of things that I had been doing lately since I completely forgot to post as things happened.
  • I wrote a post about a video of a Dancing Cow I absolutely loved.


  • My sister had her 16th birthday. It’s so amazing how time flies. She’s so big now.
  • I was part of a panel about Women in Gaming. It was an amazing experience and feel so honored to have been a part of it.


  • Juan and I played video games for 24 hours during the Extra Life Game Day on November 7. We raised money for the San Jorge Children’s Foundation as part of the Extra Life Puerto Rico Team.
  • It was my 26th birthday on November 8 and went to a restaurant with all my family. It was such a great day.


  • I was challenged to do a 30 Day Video Challenge as part of an Extra Life Puerto Rico movement. I was able to complete it and I’m extremely surprised that I stuck with it.

Did you have any memorable moments about 2015? What were they?

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