Bit Element Launch Collection Bit Element Launch Collection

Bit Element: my new online store!

During the beginning of the pandemic in 2020, I experienced a high quantity of overwhelm that was affecting my mental health. I found that having a creative outlet by drawing really helped. After drawing a few pieces I began toying with the idea of making stickers out of my designs and possibly opening an online store where I could sell them and ship them out to people.

As I found more joy in drawing and just creating something out of my day-to-day job, research commenced in how to make this all happen, and, most importantly, legally.

I purchased the equipment I needed to start testing different materials, proceded to acquire all the necessary permits to run this business, and had a consultation with an accountant.

On May 2nd, I launched the shop over at I am very excited and proud of my new business, and I’m extremely grateful of the support I’ve received so far. The sticker launch collection is available at a discounted price and there’s an automatic coupon of buy 3 stickers for $10.

I will be adding new sticker designs constantly and I’m hoping to keep expanding to other items in the future.

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