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PHP: Automatic Copyright Year Snippet

PHP: Automatic Copyright Year

In website footers, we usually use some kind of copyright notice. Something like: “© 2013”. In some cases, it may be tedious or we may forget to update this information, especially when updating website designs. The following snippets will help you have a more automatic function of displaying the year. Add the snippets to …

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Wordpress: Display Author Info Snippet

WordPress: Display Author Info

This code is very useful if you have a WordPress website with multiple authors. The code will display a section with your gravatar, name and a little bio (the one you fill out in your user profile). This way, when people read an article written by you, they can see your info. If you want …

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Javascript: Random Link Generator

This is a very simple code that you can use to generate random links. You can create a button, link, image with this function, which will randomly choose between the specified URLs to visit. The first thing would be to create the array with the URLs There are two common ways to do this: The …

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Thesis: Image Upload

Thesis: Image Upload and Storage

After two days of stressing out about the profile image system implementation, I finally got it working. I was missing a piece of code that I thought I had written there and that’s why it wasn’t working, I didn’t notice it at first. When programming, it’s usually the tiniest/stupidest errors that are the most frustrating. …

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Hello, World!

Variables and echoes

That’s what I’ve been dealing with for the past few weeks, variables and echoes (in PHP). I received a sponsorship to take an advanced course called Mobile Application Small Business Program, it’s from 9 to 5 every Saturday until November. The first half of the class is the programming aspect, we’re developing an API (written …

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The Evolution of Programming

I found this amazing infographic and it’s too awesome not to share. The evolution of programming has been incredible and I can’t wait to see what new languages will pop up soon. The languages I know from the list are: Cobol, Basic (as Visual Basic), C++, SQL, Java, Javascript and .NET. There are a few …

The Evolution of Programming Read More » is one of my latest projects. The website is for a mental health non-profit foundation based in Puerto Rico, the foundation aims to help people with mental conditions, their relatives and people who want to know more about mental health. The foundation also made a short film about OCD, based on a true story. … Read More »

Programming Frenzy

This weekend has been one dedicated to programming. I have two websites I’ve been working on: one for a mental health foundation and the other for a friend’s small business. I’ve also been working on a web application for my Project Management final project, it’s a group project so I was assigned as one …

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