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Cafe Coyote in Old Town – San Diego, CA

When I was researching places to go to in San Diego, one place that would always show up was Old Town. Old Town is considered the birthplace of California, because San Diego was the site of the first permanent Spanish settlement in California.

My husband and I took an Uber for the first time from the hotel (Town and Country Resort) to Old Town. The drive was probably less than ten minutes. The Uber experience was great, we felt very comfortable with our driver and we talked during the entire trip.

When we got there, we could definitely tell that the buildings had Spanish architecture. Everything looked pretty, with a lot of shops and restaurants (most of them Mexican). It was a pity that we went there at night because I probably would have gotten better pictures during the day.

We already knew where we were going to have dinner, at Cafe Coyote. It had good reviews on Yelp and some of the staff at our hotel had recommended it. When we got there, it was super busy, so I assumed it was going to be a long wait to be seated, but we were actually seated right away. We got complimentary tortilla chips and salsa, which was delicious. We also took advantage of a Yelp offer that consisted on getting a free quesadilla sampler if you checked in using the app. The quesadillas were very good as well. I definitely recommend you check Yelp or apps like it, they usually give you some sort of perk if you check in at the restaurant.

Cafe Coyote

I loved everything about the restaurant: the decor, the atmosphere, the service, the food. I ended up ordering the Tostada Suprema (A crispy flour tortilla piled high with refried beans, shredded chicken or beef, cheese & lettuce. Topped with a scoop of sour cream, guacamole, salsa fresca and black olives), which was delicious. I got full so I ended up taking half of the plate with me. My husband ordered the Carne Asada Burrito (A large flour tortilla filled with chopped grilled marinated steak, beans, guacamole and salsa fresca). The burrito was big, I stole a bite from his plate and it tasted very good as well.

If you’re ever in Old Town in San Diego and are in the mood for Mexican food, we recommend Cafe Coyote. Great food, great prices and great service.



Foodie Faves: TBC in Aguadilla, PR

Foodie Faves: TBC Food and Drink - Aguadilla, PR

Three weeks ago my husband and I stayed in Aguadilla, PR as a weekend getaway. About a week before heading off to Aguadilla I did some research about places we could go to. We stayed near the Ramey base in Aguadilla and about one minute away from road 110, and by doing a search online I found information about TBC Food & Drink.

TBC Food & Drink was opened by a couple from Washington D.C, Courtney and Christine Parks, who relocated to Aguadilla in 2012. They offer breakfast, lunch, brunch and cocktails. Their locale is unusual, they turned a small school into a restaurant. The way they decorated it was marvelous and unique. It’s the kind of place where you feel comfortable as soon as you go in, it also helps that the staff greets you in such a friendly way as well.

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