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Nutella & Ferrero Rocher Cake

As I have mentioned before, Juan and I are food enthusiasts and enjoy cooking. Juan loves baking as well and is really good at it. We took on the challenge to make my sister’s birthday cake (back in October 2014) and base it on a recipe by Niko’s Kitchen. My sister wanted an all chocolate cake. Juan found a recipe for a Nutella & Ferrero Rocher cake and we decided to make it and document the process by taking pictures and video.

Since it was going to be a big cake, we had to double the recipe and ended up using four recipes. It was a long process and since we were documenting everything, it took us a few hours.

Everybody ended up loving the cake so this was a win for us.

Have you ever attempted a popular recipe from the internet? What was it? How did it turn out?


Jendy’s Homemade Ice Cream

One of my passions is visiting new places, especially when food is involved. Juan and I heard about this awesome little place that’s known for their homemade ice cream: Jendy’s Heladería Artesanal. They make really unusual flavors like garlic, piña colada, and avocado. That really caught our attention so we decided to take on the hour long ride and visit the place. When you see the place from the outside, you’ll be surprised that it’s so small and you might not pay attention to it if you’re driving by.

Jendy's Homemade Ice Cream

Usually, these types of places get overlooked just by the establishment’s physical appearance on the outside. I have learned over time, that most of the restaurants or cafes that I love are nothing special on the outside. When Juan and I opened the door of Jendy’s, we were transported to a magical place. The smell of the different ice cream flavors was intoxicating.

Jendy's Homemade Ice Cream

We tried a few different flavors that were delicious, but I ended up getting one scoop of cream cheese ice cream, pieces of banana and homemade whipped cream (it was glorious!). You can see the ice cream I got on the right side of the pictures above. Juan got one scoop of chocolate hazelnut (think nutella ice cream) and one scoop of cream cheese. The ice cream was absolutely delicious and we will definitely visit Jendy’s again.

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