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Healthier Pizza

Last night, my boyfriend and I decided to make pizza using whole wheat flour. He made one and I made the other one, we used low fat mozzarella cheese and real bacon bits. We also made the pizza sauce using tomato paste and a bunch of other ingredients, it turned out very yummy. We still have an entire pizza and half from the other one.

Whole Wheat Bacon Pizza

We also made low-fat baked mozzarella sticks using italian seasoned breadcrumbs and panko crumbs using whole wheat flour as well. We like to cook food together since it’s healthier and cheaper than going out to a restaurant where food is usually high in carbs and fat.

I’ve been thinking of making food/recipe blog for a long time now. We even thought of making a weekly or monthly food show, we made a Pilot episode ages ago but we were busy with other stuff so we weren’t able to continue. Let’s see if we’ll have time to do that within the next few months.


Guilty Pleasures: Food

My eating habits have gotten a lot better and I’m actually losing weight. Changing your diet to a healthy one definitely makes you feel better. Even though I’ve been behaving, there are times when one gives in to the moment and eats something they love but know it’s not that healthy. I call them the guilty pleasures, things that taste exquisite but after you eat them you feel guilty.

My biggest food related guilty pleasures are: cheese and chocolate. In the past, I usually ordered burritos or tacos with extra cheese, which may taste incredible but it does a lot of damage to your body, that much fat from cheese can stay in your stomach for about a week, it’s a scary thought. With chocolate, I only have them every now and then, maybe once or twice a month. I’ve been trying dark chocolate, which is a little bit healthier than the regular kind, it takes time to get used to because it’s very sour.

What are some of your food related guilty pleasures?

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