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Nintendo Switch Light Up Dock Shield

The Nintendo Switch turned one year old yesterday, and it’s one of Nintendo’s most popular platforms. It has tripled in sales compared to their last console, the Nintendo Wii U.

We’ve had the Switch since it came out, and it’s one of the best purchases we’ve made. Their selection of games have a great variety of video game genres. If you’re in the market for a Switch, I recommend The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild and Super Mario Odyssey. Those titles are a given and you’ll see them recommended everywhere. For “lesser” known titles, I recommend Dragon Quest Builders (think Minecraft with a story) and Ittle Dew 2+ (inspired by classic The Legend of Zelda titles).

Back in November, I was browsing for Nintendo Switch accessories. I found the Nintendo Switch Light Up Dock Shield by PDP. I loved how it looked, but it was sold out everywhere. We visited New York City in December and went to a few GameStop/ThinkGeek stores and none of them had it in stock. After a month or so, it was back in stock on Amazon so I immediately bought it.

This light up dock shield goes on top of your Nintendo Switch dock shield and connects via USB. It includes two acrylic framing panels: one for The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild (pictured above) and one for Super Mario Odyssey. You have 17 different colors and/or light up effects to choose from, including a Flash Mode, Strobe Mode, Fade Mode, and Smooth Mode.

If you want a nice-looking accessory for your Nintendo Switch, I definitely recommend the Nintendo Switch Light Up Dock Shield. I would love for PDP to release more acrylic framing panels for it as more games come out. I’m looking forward to it, that way we can swap them out every now and then.

Question Time:

Do you have a Nintendo Switch? Do you have any accessories for it? What’s your favorite?


Puerto Rico BloggerCon 2018

This digital era is all about learning. Keeping up to date with the latest trends, techniques and tools is very important.

Digital content creation has become so broad nowadays. Topics like blogging, video blogging, podcasts, marketing and even development are part of the spectrum. If you’re a content creator, and passionate about it, you will invest to make your content better. This includes attending workshops, webinars and conferences.

I have been creating digital content for many years. But, last year I made a commitment to be more consistent and broaden the content I’m making. I had several things planned for my blog and other projects. Then, Hurricane Maria happened. This put a lot of things on hold for me. Now that things are slowly going back to normal, I set the goal to revisit all these projects in 2018.

The Puerto Rico BloggerCon (celebrated every year) was supposed to happen in September. The organizers had to cancel it because of Hurricane Maria. They re-scheduled it for February 10, 2018. They even changed the name to BloggerCon ReConnections. My husband and I wanted to keep up to date with the latest in Puerto Rico and network with peers. We had been to a Puerto Rico BloggerCon before, in 2013. That’s why we didn’t hesitate to buy tickets because we had a great experience back then.

Puerto Rico BloggerCon 2018

The first conference was my favorite one. Celeste Martínez, a digital marketing professor and social media engagement analyst, talked about Engagement and Storytelling. The presentation was excellent. She included examples of social media campaigns and how the storytelling involved was able to create a conversation and engage with fans. I wrote down a few takeaways from the presentation that I want to share:

  • You learn more from people INSIDE your field, not big corporations.
  • Think outside the box.
  • Sometimes you have to get out of your comfort zone.
  • Engagement: Make them fall in love with your content.
  • One important question you should always ask yourself: What do you want to achieve with your branding and content?
  • The message you portray can be different depending on the platform or channel.

Other workshops provided were about Video Creation and Editing on Mobile, Livestreaming, Facebook Ads, Strategic Content Creation and Steps to Create a Business in Puerto Rico. The workshops were incredibly useful for the type of audience that were there. I’ve never tackled editing videos on mobile (I usually use Adobe Premiere Pro), it was surprising to see how many apps are out there that offer you the ability to edit your videos, competing with features available in editors like Premiere Pro, Final Cut, and others. I liked that they were diligent to mention the importance of using royalty free music or audio for your videos, to avoid copyright strikes. There are many resources online like Incompetech, TeknoAXE and others. It’s important to remember that services like Youtube or Facebook have their own Royalty Free Music Libraries, which is so useful.

I had a wonderful time attending, and I’m looking forward to going to future events. It was worth the investment, the information was relevant and useful and being able to network with peers in the same field is great. I was able to see people I hadn’t seen in a long time, it was so nice catching up with people like Rafy and Valeria from Criticologos. I’ve known them from the early Twitter days (2008-2009) where we would have meetups and fun times.

Question Time:

Have you ever been to a blogging conference? If yes, which one(s)?
Would you be interested in more information about royalty free music or other free resources for digital content creation? If you have any other suggestions for future posts, let me know in the comments below.

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