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RemiLore: Fun Anime-Style Adventure

Throughout my childhood and teen years, I watched several anime shows like Sailor Moon, Pokemon, Digimon and others, but was never an avid follower of the genre. When we attended PAX West 2018, we saw the booth for RemiLore and it immediately caught our eye. There were no lines so we were able to try it out and loved the gameplay. The graphics from the game are anime-style and it’s a hack and slash adventure. The coolest thing about the game is that you can have outrageous items as weapons, like lollipops and soup spoons.

We pre-ordered the physical version of the game and played for a bit before recording our gameplay video. We immediately remembered why we liked the game so much. It’s a fun experience and something you can play in short chunks of time and then pick up later. At first, I thought the gameplay would end up being more like a Diablo clone, but it’s not like that at all. It’s its own thing, and it works.

Check out our co-op gameplay video for the game!


Degrees of Separation: Co-op game where opposites attract

Doing videos every week is something that I’ve been having more fun and I’m feeling more and more comfortable doing them. One of the latest games we covered on our channel is Degrees of Separation. The game is a 2D puzzle adventure where you harness the elements of heat and cold to progress. As always, we covered the co-op portion of the game, but it does include single player. If you’re playing by yourself, you control both characters Ember and Rime.

The game looks very beautiful and offers a calming distraction from games that are currently popular and tend to be very hectic. Juan is not a big fan of puzzle games but I could tell he enjoyed playing this one, which is great to see. I was always looking for a puzzle game that we could play together, and we’ve finally found it.

I’m looking forward to keep playing this and make it a goal to finish it within the next few months.

Check out our video where we showcase the co-op gameplay:

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