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Remodeling Office

Juan and I have been living at our apartment for one year now, and the room we use the most is our Office. When moving in, we decided to use the Master Bedroom as the office and use the second largest room as our bedroom. Since we knew that we were going to be either at the office or living room most of the time, it was a good compromise for us.

The setup we had worked for us for some time, but now that we’re doing various production and gaming related things, we needed a change in our space to make it easier to record content and create a mini-studio in our office. We had been talking about this for a week and decided to do it today. It was going to be hard work because we have a lot of stuff. Even though the whole moving and cleaning process was long and stressful, we took advantage of the situation and got rid of things we weren’t using or were broken, and some stuff we will be giving away. It worked out for us in the end. Even though there are still some things to do, our space is mostly finished and we like this setup much better than the previous one.

You’ll be able to see a partial “Before” and “After” in the pictures below. The photo on the left was when we initially started moving our computer desks with all of our stuff. And the photo on the right is when we cleaned most of the mess and organized it in some shelves we have in the closet, and some stuff we put in our third room that we use for storage. On the other side of the room, we’ll have the wall with two TVs and a couch. It’s perfect because we can easily change it to any setup we want: Podcast, Gaming, Interviews, etc.

Note: Juan’s desk is on the right, mine is on the left.

We are very excited to start using this space more efficiently, especially when creating video content.


Using Planners?

One thing I’ve been wanted to use for a long time is a planner. For the past few years, I have been using Google Calendar to keep an agenda. I haven’t stuck to it as well as I would want to though. I’ve seen so many physical planners that are beautiful and make me want to purchase them immediately.

I’ve been debating if I should purchase a planner, or make my own. The planners I have been looking at are:

  • Erin Condren LifePlanner – This is the first planner I looked at about two years ago. Back then, the shipping cost to Puerto Rico was way too expensive for my preference, and I decided not to get it. The planner looks beautiful and I like that you can customize it to your liking. You also get the option to buy accessories to add to it.
  • Simplified Planner – This is another option I was looking at after looking into the EC LifePlanner. I actually prefer this design compared to the EC Planner. I also didn’t end up purchasing the Simplified Planner because I couldn’t come to a decision if the purchase would be worth it or not.
  • Passion Planner – When I heard about this planner, I was excited. This was more of what I was looking for in a planner. I ended up backing them on Kickstarter to receive the digital PDF version so I could print the pages and create my own planner. After using it for a while, I wanted more customization. This made me stop using the planner because I needed that control, and while I could have tried to convert the PDF pages and try to modify the page layout on my own, I found it to be a hassle.

Do I create my own?

One thing I’ve been pondering for a while is to just create my own planner. Design it completely, with the option of future customization, and then buy the necessary items to put it all together. This would be a fun project if I end up doing it, but at the same time, how long will it take me to complete it? Will I use it after?

Do you use a planner? Which one do you recommend?

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