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Cobra Kai: The good nostalgia

I watched The Karate Kid movies when I was a child, and enjoyed them very much. It made me want to learn karate, even though I never ended up taking classes.

I watched the first and second season of Cobra Kai last year. Didn’t have the opportunity to watch the series when it was on Youtube so I’m thankful that Netflix acquired it. The third season released on January 1, and I binged it in about two days.

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This show brings you a strong sense of nostalgia. Even though the series is set in present day, it feels like a trip back in time. There are many references to the 80’s that you’ll notice. The music is a very strong part of that. Many hits from the 80’s are played throughout the episodes, and I find myself jamming to them with a lot of joy. I grew up listening to a lot of music from the 80’s so it brings back many great memories.

In a more comedic way, you’ll notice a lack of knowledge about modern things in a certain character that makes the person seem stuck back in time in a way, and it’s one of the funnier things about the show and its characters.

The show has a big focus on two characters: Daniel LaRusso and Johnny Lawrence (from the movie). In addition to that, we meet new characters that allow us to watch their journey and growth throughout. Making for a new generation of teenagers that are now part of this environment, and giving us interest in who they are, and how they will end up.

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The show has done an incredible job of continuing the Karate Kid franchise and giving us more to the story (and context of the past), 30 years later. With notable cameos along the way that will make people who grew up with those movies in the 80’s happy, and making teenagers and young adults today interested about a show that picks up a story from “before their time”.

Cobra Kai is available on Netflix, and currently has three seasons. It has been renewed for a fourth season, starting production sometime during 2021.

Have you watched Cobra Kai? What do you think about the show?

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