Comedy before bed

Ever since Juan and I have been living together, we have created a routine before going to sleep. When we go to bed, we watch funny videos on YouTube until we fall asleep. One YouTube channel we watch constantly is FailArmy. They post compilations of funny videos every Tuesday and Friday. Every week and month, they create a compilation of the best videos posted within that time frame. I think we have watched all their videos, so now we have to wait until a new one is released.

This little routine has helped us so much because we always go to bed in a good mood. Sometimes we spend an hour or two just watching videos before we fall asleep.

When we’re not watching videos from FailArmy, we usually watch animal compilation videos of them doing funny or cute things. But for now, I’m going to share the latest video from FailArmy. I haven’t watched this one yet, so now you know what I’ll be watching before I go to sleep.

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