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A touch of decor with Photowall

I received the following product in exchange for a honest review. Regardless, all opinions written on the review are 100% my own.

Ever since we moved to our new house, I’ve been slowly working on decorating my home office. I have things from the apartment that am also using here, but wanted to integrate new decor items like prints or poster that go along with the things I like.

Upon looking at my bookshelf, there are things related to gaming like my Fallout and Tomb Raider pixel pals, my plushies, some of my books and my Harry Potter blu-ray collection (thanks Juan for that gift!). I have quite a bit of funko pops and collectibles that I can place around the room, but something I hadn’t really thought about was what to use as decor on the walls.

Framed print for my office

I decided that a framed print would go perfect in my lounge/reading corner in my office. There was a piece of the wall that felt a little ‘plain’. When looking at designs over at the posters section at the Photowall website, I was looking for designs that had some of my favorite colors. Purple, blue and black are some of my favorites and was opting to go with an abstract design. After a while, I saw a galaxy print with purple, blue, black and some other accent colors. It was perfect. Ever since I was little, I’ve been fascinated about space and when I saw this print, I knew I had to go with this one. It even reminds me of my current’s website design’s header background.

This is a 16″x12″ print in smooth matte, using a Satin Black Gallery frame. The frame is very sturdy and is the perfect match with my furniture black accents in the office. The shipping for the product was quick and arrived in less than a week. The package arrived in perfect condition, it was very well packaged and protected, which was a relief because I’ve received damaged or bent prints in the past due to poor packaging.

Adding that print to the corner makes the space feel complete and more inviting. It’s also a reflection of my personality and the things I like, which is my goal now that I have my own room for that.


Photowall is a Sweden based company that makes wall decor in the forms of wallpaper, prints and posters, and other motifs. You also have the option to upload your own image and create any of the products available by Photowall using that picture. Pretty cool, right?

The selection of designs is very impressive. They have thousands of motifs which you can filter by color, style and format. I was fascinated browsing categories like Food & Drink and Maps & Flag, with so many options I hadn’t seen anywhere else.

Thank you Photowall for providing me with this wonderful print. Now, I’m thinking of other prints or designs I can get to decorate other parts of the room. A collage wall is something I’ve always wanted to do, and I’ve seen some other prints I can get in the future to make it happen.

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Question Time:

Do you have any prints in your office/lounging space? What do you go for in terms of wall designs?

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