Eventful Few Weeks

These past few weeks have been chaos and awesomeness. I was working on my thesis proposal, which I handed in last Friday and was approved yesterday. It took me a while to get everything done, but now that it’s approved, I have to get to work and get at least half of it done before my first revision, which is in a month.

I had two tests last week as well, so I had to be 80% MIA from the internet. Mists of Pandaria (the new WoW expansion) came out this past Tuesday, and I’ve been playing it as well. I can’t believe people got to level 90 in 10-15 hours. I played for a long while on Tuesday and only got to level 86. Besides getting the ‘Realm First Level 90’ achievement, why rush it?

Anyway, just wanted to check in. I probably won’t be blogging that much this semester. With my thesis project and a Mobile Development Business program that I’ll be taking for two months, don’t think I’ll have that much time to blog, but I’ll try!

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